Water Softener Service, Replacement Filters, and More

We don’t just sell products – we service and have a thorough knowledge and understand the proper application of products we represent.

We can deliver salt, bottled water, replace filters, and service equipment you purchased elsewhere as well as products you bought from us. We even are known to be good at finding a toilet leak in a home and getting it fixed.

Our technicians are trained within our business and by Hellenbrand’s Product Support Group. North East Iowa Water Systems is licensed by the Iowa Plumbing and Mechanical Board. Doug is a Certified Water Specialist with the International Water Quality Association.

GIVE US A CALL TODAY and obtain service that is competent and knowledgeable.



When something goes wrong with your water equipment you want prompt, expert service to fix the problem or leak and get your water back the way it should be. We will give honest advice as to repairing your equipment or upgrading to a more efficient, reliable product.


Salt Delivery

Based on your usage, our delivery staff stops by periodically and refills the salt tank of your water softener. We also make sure the water is soft, assure that the bypass assembly remains loose, check the timer for correct time of day and adjust if needed. We alert you to issues we may find. Calendars showing our delivery dates are mailed yearly to customers.


Water Delivery

We are a LOCAL supplier, ready to deliver water that tastes terrific and is good for you! Based on your usage levels, we schedule delivery to your home or office to exchange empty bottles for full ones. Delivery calendars are mailed yearly. We also sell or rent water coolers manufactured by Oasis.



Water equipment may need routine maintenance—sediment and carbon filters need changing; rust removal equipment needs occasional cleanup; drinking water systems need sanitizing and filters replaced. All these and more Easton’s Water can schedule for you!